When for his FIP Rise of Bourg-en-Bresse, last week, Pierre Vincent and Arthur Hugounenq put on the show for their first association. By passing the first round in Ain, they honored their wild-card. If the adventure ends on the next turn, despite everything, the experience will have been rich for both players. From this first association results mainly a good understanding between Arthur and Pierre who talked about it at the microphone of Padel Magazine.

“We will discuss and see what we will do next”

Arthur "It worked really well with Pierrot, we got along very well. Once again, it was our first association so the people who play padel know that it is never easy. In addition, we are left-handed and right-handed. It's not like we're two right-handers and the left player says he takes balls from the middle. In the end, we didn't step on each other, we did some very good things and we beat some very good players. Now we're going to discuss and see what we're going to do next..."

Pierre "It was an idea we had to go and play in FIP together. Obviously, it worked pretty well. We are left-handed and right-handed, with similar qualities, it was not said that we would not bother each other. In the end, we managed to adapt well and above all play well together."


“I think we will play together again quite quickly”

Arthur "For the moment, I am with Ludovic [Cancel] but we do not know if we will continue together. I don't really have a fixed partner for the 2024 season for French tournaments. And for the FIP, we said with Pierre that we would see together if it matched. And since it worked out pretty well, I think we'll be playing together again pretty quickly on the FIP."

Pierre "After having played a lot of tournaments on the French circuit, the objective now is to get points in FIP and have new experiences. Then, between friends, it's always more fun. We're lucky enough to get along well outside so there's no reason why we shouldn't have a blast. Afterwards, we'll see what happens."


The Tops/Flops of Arthur Hugounenq and Pierre Vincent

Arthur "Frankly, there weren't that many flops. There were a few bad tournaments but that's normal in a season. The level of play may drop a little. I didn't have any injuries so that's very good. I had very good results on the P2000s and some disappointments on the P1500s, like that of Toulon or Lyon. We lose against very good pairs every time but it remains disappointments. Afterwards, the level increases in France and personally, I have progressed a lot. The goal now is to play better players and therefore, to go to the FIP. "

Pierre "On the P2000 in Strasbourg, we lost in the quarter with François [Authier] but we still had good results on the others. We lost without having a bad match against Theard and Pech who played very well: overall, the season with François went well. I was lucky enough to be able to play with him from the start of the year because he was much higher ranked than me. Plus, he had a certain past that I didn't have. So, I'm very happy with this season."

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Gwenaelle Souyri

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