Pincho Fernandez and José Garcia Diestro announced the end of their stage together on their respective Instagram accounts.

This time it's the right one. After announcing their separation in December and then finally having backtracked, Pincho and Diestro really put an end to their association.

We will therefore no longer see this pair which will have lasted more than two and a half years! Indeed, it was during the WPT of Alicante 2020 that the two Spaniards decided to join forces.

The two friends, who are in 23rd position in the World Padel Tour, had started the season well with in particular a semi-final in Chile, but recently the results have not been there, with in particular defeats in the first round in Toulouse and Valladolid. And in the padel nowadays, a bad pass is often enough to put an end to a project.

So now one of the oldest associations in the padel professional ends. It now remains to be seen with whom the two players will continue. As you can imagine, more changes are to be expected in the coming days!

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