This is a big change in the landscape of padel French: Benjamin Tison and Jérémy Scatena will not be at the start of the 2024 season.

Those who were for the vast majority of the year the first two French in the FIP ranking have decided to bow out. These two pillars of the French team in recent years will, in addition to leaving a void in the selection, open up two places for other players. Who can get hold of it? And when ?

Logically, the 2023 European Championship must be postponed to 2024 but we do not yet know where or when the competition will take place. We cannot therefore say at the time of writing these lines what the next deadline for Team France will be…

Anyway, on paper, Dylan Guichard, fifth French in the FIP ranking, seems very well on his way to making his debut with the blue jersey during the next competition. The left-hander would in some way be Benjamin Tison's position-for-position replacement.

Dylan Guichard left-handed forehand volley 2023

The young Vives and Seurin, who show good international investment, can also hope to be in the game. To supervise these young people, we could find again, in addition to the new French number 1 Thomas Leygue, the veterans Moreau, Inzerillo and Maigret; as well as Blanqué, who despite his younger age, serves as captain in the French team.

At the time of writing these lines, doubt remains as to Johan Bergeron, sixth French in the international ranking. The Lyonnais, who had announced his retirement in 2022, finally returned to business at the end of last season. Barely two months ago, he told us think about a return. Will he invest again and do everything to regain his place in blue?

Behind, many young people show interesting potential, like Raichman, De Meyer, Vanbauce, but also players that we see more on the French circuit like Muesser, Wagner, Hugounenq, Joris, Vincent… If they invest more on international tournaments, they will certainly be able to apply for a place at least in the expanded list.

The very young Boronad or Fonteny have yet to prove themselves among adults, but they will most likely have to be counted on in the years to come.

Here are the thirteen active French people who are part of the world Top 300:

  • Thomas Leygue – 91
  • Maxime Moreau – 114
  • Bastien Blanqué – 134
  • Jerome Inzerillo – 135
  • Dylan Guichard – 137
  • Johan Bergeron – 157
  • Adrien Maigret – 157
  • Vives Manual – 163
  • Julien Seurin – 191
  • Dorian De Meyer – 249
  • Philemon Raichman – 253
  • Thomas Vanbauce – 268
  • Ludovic Cancel – 275

In your opinion, the replacements for Tison and Scatena are in this group?

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