This has certainly not escaped you: Johan Bergeron, who announced “end his career” a year ago, is increasingly present on the slopes.

Indeed, the Lyonnais, victorious at the Strasbourg P2000 with his friend from the French team Adrien Maigret, is also registered for the FIP Rise in Bourg-en-Bresse with another international, Max Moreau. The one who would have liked to participate in the French Championships with this same Max Moreau, has made his return to the right, the side of his debut, and it is working quite well despite the lack of training.

After a short break, Johan seems to be enjoying the track, and the results are there for him who is still in 157th place in the FIP ranking. From there to imagine him being part of the French team during the next international event?

We're not there yet, but as Adrien Maigret explains, the work of undermining the players of the French team, who “don't want Jo to stop”, seems to be bearing some fruit. Indeed, although he has only played two major tournaments this season in France, the four-time French champion does not seem to completely rule out a return as you will see in the video below:

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