The adventure of Paquito Navarro and Juan LeBron ends at Premier Padel Brussels P2. Version 2.0 of the Andalusian duo, who played their first tournament there, lost to Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto in quarterfinal.

The Nieto / Sanz pair, which forms the 8th seed in Belgium following the withdrawal of Fernando Belasteguin, is never a gift for those who find it in their part of the table. The Spaniards proved it once again this Friday.

However, after regaining confidence yesterday, Paquito and Lebron finally seemed liberated and ready to move up a gear this Friday. The expected fight finally took place, but it did not fall on their side...

The Andalusians paid dearly for a first set which recalled the meeting against Muñoz / Garcia. Committing too many mistakes, Rodri Ovide's players seemed lost at times on the track. Their opponents took advantage and logically won the first round with a score of 6/3.

But behind, a bit like during their round of 6, Paco and “El Lobo” battled. Finding solutions to enter the second act, they took control and were solid to get back to one set everywhere: 4/XNUMX.

This clash between very talented players deserved a third set and it took place. The Belgian public was able to see a huge battle which ultimately went to the side of Sanz and Nieto. While they had a ball to snatch a tie-break in the last act, the favorites lacked precision and paid cash. Final score: 6/3 4/6 7/5 for Maxi Grabiel players.

As you will see below, the meeting was very close:

Sanz and Nieto confirm that they are real contenders for the Top 8 (when Bela returns they will be the number 9 pair) and qualify for a new semi-final after that of Venezuela. Tomorrow, they will try to continue their great adventure against the winners of the match between Chingotto / Galan and Sanchez Chamero / Garcia.

For their part, Paquito and Lebron will need adjustments to be able to achieve results worthy of their status. They will be expected in less than a week in Seville, in front of an audience that should be completely devoted to them!

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