This is one of the big questions surrounding the new calendar of Premier Padel. Indeed, with the end of World Padel Tour, some cities will lose their tournament padel very high level. This will not be the case for Brussels, since the Open du World Padel Tour Belgian will give way to a Premier Padel P2.

Indeed, as our colleagues from the newspaper confirm to us Le Soir, the Gare Maritime Tour & Taxis tournament is maintained for 2024. It will take place from April 20 to 28 and will be part of the third category of tournaments, P2. But organizer Vincent Laureyssens is convinced, the best players in the world will still make the trip to Belgium: “The players will automatically return to Brussels because they loved our tournament and the best are also motivated to win this famous bronze racket which we bring back into play each edition.”

No, we will normally see the cream of the crop padel world in Wallonia in four months!

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