The men's round of 32 Premier Padel GNP Mexico P1 begins this Wednesday in Acapulco and we will be able to see the best players in the world at work.

Among the most interesting matches, we think in particular of a Leal / Diestro vs Nieto / Sanz which could be hot if the outsiders finally manage to play at their best level. We could also have a good fight between Oria / Sager, the surprise of P1 in Riyadh, and Rubio and Sanchez, two players who will separate very soon.

Augsburger and Libaak, who are absolutely looking to score points to avoid starting in previas, will have a very interesting match against Javi Ruiz and Pablo Cardona, who won their second tournament in a row on Ultimate this weekend Padel Tour.

For their part, Lebron and Galan, for their last tournament together, are opposed to Jairo Bautista and “Chipi” Muñoz for their entry into the competition.

Among the girls, after a day of Tuesday marked by favorites who were intractable, the round of 16 continues today in Mexico. The most exciting match could be the one between Sharifova / Carnicero and Nogueira / Merino.

The program of the day:

Meetings start at 18:00 p.m. French time. To follow the matches, this happens on the YouTube channel of Premier Padel !

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