Javi Leal and José Diestro will again challenge Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk. The Spaniards, who had lost to the Argentines in one of the biggest games Premier Padel Italy Major, will try to take their revenge against the Superpibes.

Systematically jostled in Rome, Di Nenno and Stupa were finally able to spend a “quiet” afternoon. Indeed, for their entry into the running in the Spanish capital, Carlos Pozzoni's players were able to win in two sets against Bautista / Santigosa, a pair from the previas: 6/2 6/3. A victory that will allow the Superpibes to best approach their revenge against Leal and Diestro.

Dominated for a set, the Spaniards reacted very well against another pair from qualifying, Patiniotis/Sanchez. Victorious 6/7 6/2 6/4, José and Javi offered themselves the opportunity to take their revenge against the number 2 seed of this Madrid P1. Beaten by having had a match point in Italy, the Spaniards will still give their all on Thursday. But in slower conditions, they might not be as efficient…

So, in your opinion, will we be entitled to a surprise in this eighth?

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