The French did almost 100% yesterday in the first previa round of the FIP Rise in Dubai. Indeed, apart from the loss of the Lacoste / Holmkvist pair, we only recorded victories for the French delegation this Tuesday. It's simple, all the French players who took the field won, and in two sets each time! The results :

  • Vincent / Hugounenq vs Alhammadi / Alsherafi (6/0 6/1))
  • Martelli / Sichez vs Lallahom / Megdiche (6/2 6/2)
  • Masson / Tupayachi vs Chaveli / Clemente (6/4 6/4)

This Wednesday, the five French still competing in these qualifications will play their second round, starting at 11:00 a.m. French time.

The program of the day:

Like yesterday you can follow the Vincent / Hugounenq match on Padel Magazine TV.

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