It is a successful entry for Alix Collombon and Jessica Ginier who won their first match in this Premier Padel Qatar Major 2024.

Opposite to the pair Fatma Al Nabhani / Carolina Gallo Frias (Wild-Card), the two French women did not do well and won by a large margin 6/0 – 6/0. Very clearly favorites of the match, Alix and her teammate assumed their role and did no favors to their rivals. Their next step will not be a walk in the park as they will face Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez (seeded 3).

A little later in the day, in the 3rd rotation, it's Elodie Invernon, only French survivor of the qualifying phases, who will enter track 1 with her teammate. Their match will be followed live on Youtube just after the meeting Letizia Maria Manqillo Alarza / Noemi Aguilar Carrillo vs Arantxa Soriano Perez / Carla Mesa Salazar.

To watch this match, simply click just here.

Sebastien Carrasco

Future naturopath and passionate about padel, Seb is the health/food gentleman of Padel Magazine. He juggles between pala, quinoa and essential oils. For almost two years now he has been dealing with the news of the little yellow ball with the same passion.