As expected, Juan LeBron apologized following the incident that took place yesterday at Doha. An incident explained in detail below.

The tournaments follow one another and are not the same for Lebron and Galan. Big winners in Riyadh, the number 1s were eliminated in the round of XNUMX in Doha. But more than the defeat, which is perfectly understandable given the fatigue accumulated by Jorge Martinez's players over the previous days and the level displayed yesterday by Yanguas and Garrido, it is the incident in the third set that has been the talk of the town since the end of the match.

Annoyed at having conceded the break on a missed lob on his part, “El Lobo” hit a ball in spite of the other side of the track and did not come far from touching Mike Yanguas. The latter, never free from all reproach, tried everything to try to have his compatriot disqualified. In vain.

If the native of Cádiz got away with a simple warning, he showed a fairly aggressive attitude, which was clearly not to the public's taste. This Wednesday morning, the player wanted to apologize soberly and elegantly, one could say, in a story shared on his Instagram account : “I want to apologize for what happened yesterday during the match against Mike and Javi. These are things that cannot happen during a football match. padel. "

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