What to pay attention to for proper maintenance of 'padel turf and what indicators suggest it is time to replace it.

Among the components of a Padel Court, the synthetic turf surface is, without a doubt, the one most exposed to wear and tear being called upon every day to ensure players a perfect adherence to the ground, an optimal shock absorption and a homogeneous and linear ball bounce.

In order to ensure high standards of play and comfort over time, it is important to always keep in mind the importance of proper maintenance of the turf, which in this way will also have the chance to last longer.

Let's start by saying that on average a synthetic turf can last from 3 to 6 years , depending on the quality of the materials, the occupancy rate of the courts, whether they are in-door or out-door, and finally the degree of maintenance.

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Let us therefore see what are the essential steps to be put into practice for this to be carried out in the ideal way.

Cleaning the Court : it is essential, especially in out-door solutions, that leaves, branches, moss or weeds are removed, which, as they decompose, can lead to the formation of fungi or other pests that over time will deteriorate the fibers of the mantle. Carrying out this operation on a weekly basis using a broom or rake is definitely a first aspect that should not be neglected at all for the maintenance of a Padel Court.

Intervention in case of bubbles and folds or of "carpet shrinkage": : it often happens that bubbles or folds are created on the surface of synthetic grass or that, due to changes in temperature, the carpet shrinks. All these aspects are inexorably detrimental to proper rebound and grip, and for this it will be necessary to turn to trained maintainers who, using special devices, will solve the problem.

Redistribution of sand : it is good to know that in order to make the ball bounce evenly in all areas of the court, it is necessary to redistribute the sand that tends to accumulate along the perimeter walls of the court or near the net by means of a classic brush or by using a special machine with rotating brushes.

As much as proper maintenance of the carpet undoubtedly provides it with greater durability, it is not infinite and sooner or later the time will come to replace it. How to realize that it needs to be done? We explain:

Loss of wire height : with the friction between the sand and the shoes, the wire will wear more and more, becoming shorter and shorter and coming to the point where it can no longer contain the sand clog and ensure proper rebound.

Wire breakage : again due to sand-shoe friction, it can be limited with proper sand infill although in the long run, tearing will be inevitable and, when the presence of fibers and debris scattered around the court is massive, it will be time to intervene and replace the mat.

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As we have seen in the examples above, the friction of shoes with sand is undoubtedly an aspect that, more than any other, speeds up the wear and tear of synthetic padel grass, and this is precisely what NXPadel, the Italian company that manufactures NXPadel, the Italian company that manufactures fiberglass, Padel Courts, focused on to study its idea of a Padel Court mat.

Called ZeroS and officially on the market since November 2023, it is the world's first padel mat that, thanks to a very high density of textured fibers and their lower height, does not require the use of sand as infill ( hence the name ZeroS).

Due to this aspect, its durability over time is increased by 30/40% and it will not need redistribution or sand addition operations while still maintaining proper rebound and optimum grip.

In addition, ZeroS is completely glued to the ground and, because of this, the formation of creases or bubbles will be impossible, and the phenomenon of mat shrinkage will not have a chance to occur either.

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Finally, ZeroS has no latex backing but the mat is composed of XNUMX% of the textured fibers. Thanks to this, one will be able to take advantage of the surface to play up to the last layer of yarn without worrying about getting to the backing. This factor thus gives rise to one last incredible advantage of ZeroS: increased permeability.

As we have seen, knowing perfectly all the dynamics that come into play when it comes to synthetic turf wear is one of the crucial aspects of maximizing your business. And if you add to this a propensity to keep your eyes open to the latest innovations that an increasingly dynamic industry like padel can provide, then success will be assured!

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.