Focus today on Carla Touly and Lorie Pelan, two players from padel French women who in addition to sharing the passion for this sport are also fans of writing.

Lorie Pelan

As we told you recently, Lorie Pelan, who play with one hand, wrote a book to tell his unusual story. His history :

“At the age of 28, I was the victim of an attack which had a significant impact on my life even though I had agenesis of my hand from birth. Thanks to a transplant carried out ten years ago, I was able to regain some functionality, using my hand like pliers to help me on a daily basis.

The transition to a normal life was a challenge that I wanted to explore and share through a book. In these pages you will discover my journey, the obstacles encountered, but above all the strength and resilience that I have demonstrated to maintain an independent life.

This book on disability is not only an expression of my experience, but it aims to be a source of inspiration and support for other people with disabilities, as well as for children and parents.

Here are some reasons why I believe this project could have a positive impact:

  • Positive outlook: highlight the strength and resilience of people with disabilities to offer a positive perspective on their experiences.
  • Awareness and understanding: help raise awareness among the public, particularly children, about the realities of disability, thus promoting better understanding and acceptance.
  • Inclusion : address the subject in an inclusive manner in order to encourage the social and educational inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Inspiring models: to present my story and those of others who have overcome the challenges of disability, to serve as role models and encourage those who face similar difficulties.
  • Early education: providing parents of children with disabilities with a valuable educational resource, with advice and perspectives based on my experience and the support of my parents.
  • Open dialogue: create space for dialogue by tackling often taboo topics, allowing readers to share their experiences and find support.
  • Take inspiration from my journey: so that children with disabilities have the opportunity to be inspired by my story can guide them in achieving their goals and dreams.

In summary, I believe this book can help change perceptions, encourage inclusion and provide emotional and educational support to those directly affected and those around them.”

The book has not yet been released but we will keep you informed as soon as it becomes available.

Carla Toully


La new partner of Jessica Ginier studied a bachelor's degree in cinema in the United States and began to write his story in the form of a film script: “My dream was to make a film with the aim of thanking all the people who helped me without anything ask me back during my career. There are so many of them and I needed to find a way to thank them by giving them a “little” surprise.

But making a film doesn't happen overnight so during Covid I started writing it in the form of a novel but I didn't like it. I didn't feel justified in writing my biography like all sports legends do, I wanted to find a different way to do it. And then one day I had the idea of ​​writing it in the form of an epistolary novel (letters between tennis and myself). I really liked it and I spent the whole summer of 2022 writing it! I didn't want to publish it, only to have my loved ones read it and then they liked it and motivated me to publish it so in December 2023 I took the big step…”

The story: “Carla shares the story of her life through moving letters addressed to her beloved sport, tennis. Despite giving up on her dream of becoming world number 1, she considers her journey a rewarding adventure rather than a failure. Beyond the results, she places inestimable value on the memories and precious friendships made over the years. Expressing deep gratitude towards tennis, she pays tribute to it for the unique experiences, inspiring encounters and valuable life lessons it has offered her. The reader is invited on a captivating journey, exploring the four corners of the world.”

Soon the same thing with the padel ? : “I will most certainly write a book on the padel once I have stopped my career and gained enough perspective on it. Writing helps me understand a lot of things and I needed it to end my tennis career with peace of mind. I'm sure it will be the same for the padel but we will have to wait a few years because I don’t plan to stop right away…the adventure has only just begun!”

To obtain the book in question, it is HERE.

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