This year, the Premier Padel decided to propose a resolutely international tournament schedule, with 25 events contested in 18 different countries.

This is a real change, especially for Spain, which had 13 tournaments in 2023 (WPT + Premier Padel) and will only have 4 this year. It must be said that over the last eleven seasons of the WPT and the last two of Premier Padel, padel professional was mainly centered on this country.

Indeed, as you will see below thanks to the figures from our colleagues at Veinte Diez, before the start of the 2024 season, Spain had organized 114 tournaments, almost ten times more than runner-up, Argentina, which had 14 over the same period (WPT between 2013 and 2023 + Premier Padel 2022 and 2023)!

As you see, the competitions padel at the highest level have been completely focused on a single country over the last ten years. But to be able to do padel an Olympic sport, the International Federation of padel et Premier Padel had to rebalance forces.

Fortunately for Spanish fans, the FIP Tour and Ultimate Padel Tour will bring great events to cities which find themselves without a leading tournament…

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