Le World Padel Tour has seen countless talented players who have left their mark on the slopes of padel of the whole world. While the circuit draws its reference, it's time to celebrate the players who were the most prolific during his era. Who has the best success rate in the final on the WPT? Answers just below:

1. Fernando Belasteguin

Fernando Belasteguín, with a percentage of 75% in the finals of World Padel Tour over a period of ten years, has accumulated an impressive total of 65 tracks on 87 endings played. “The King” is simply the player with the most participations in the final, the most titles, and the best success rate ! He will be remembered as the greatest champion on the Damm-funded circuit.

Fernando Belasteguin lob 2023

2. Alejandro Galan

Alejandro Galán, with 71% of success in finals, cumulates 34 victories on 48 endings. The Madrilenian, despite his relative young age, has clearly left his mark on the WPT. In 2023, despite a difficult season, he was able to maintain a high level of performance, winning 54 matches out of 67, which results in an efficiency of 80,60%. By four championship titles, five finals and four semi-finals reached this year, Ale finally had a very honorable season.

3. Agustin Tapia

As for Agustín Tapia, thanks to his incredible season, he comes just after Galan with 67,7% of victories in the final. It must be said that in 2023, the Argentinian played 84 games and has won 74 on the WPT! It therefore displayed a staggering effectiveness of 88,10%. His 11 champion titles out of 14 finals show the effectiveness of the man who has been sharing the track with Arturo Coello for a year.


We also mention two other very big names in this sport: Juan Lebrón et Pablo Lima, with respectively success rate de 63% et 61% finally. The Brazilian is also just behind Bela in the number of victories and finals on the WPT!

The graphic that allowed us to make this article (signed Carlota Palma) :

Graph of the most effective players in the finals of the World Padel Tour [-2013 2023]
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