This is a question that you are certainly asking yourself if you have just started padel : what is the ideal size for a player?

A few years ago, we averaged the WPT Top 50 and saw that the average size was 179cm for men. A fairly normal size in the end, but as you will see below, there can be big variations!

Thanks to the work of Carlota Palma, we now know the biggest and smallest players in the Top 100 World Padel Tour of last year. Here are the results.



  • 1,97: Rafa Méndez
  • 1,93: Victor Mena
  • 1,92: Marc Quilez
  • 1,90: Arturo Coello, Leo Augsburguer, Miguel Benítez, Jairo Bautista, Daniel Windahl
  • 1,89: Miguel Yanguas
  • 1,88: Alex Arroyo, Pablo Cardona, Tonet Sans, Pablo Garcia
Fede Chingotto small but strong


  • 1,65: Lucas Bergamini
  • 1,67: Alvaro Cepero, Javi Rico
  • 1,70: Federico Chingotto, José Solano
  • 1,72: Pol Hernández, Facundo Domínguez, Ignacio Vilariño
  • 1,73: Javi Martinez
  • 1,74: Denis Perino, Mario del Castillo, Jorge Ruiz


The great Marta Caparrós


  • 1,83: Marta Caparrós
  • 1,79: Carmen Castillon
  • 1,78: Tamara Icardo, Julieta Bidahorria, Marina Guinart, Carolina Orsi, Léa Godallier, Giorgia Marchetti
  • 1,77: Ksenia Shariftova
  • 1,76: Victoria Iglesias, Emily Stellato


  • 1,54: Lourdes Pascual
  • 1,57: Rebeca Lopez
  • 1,58: Claudia Jensen
  • 1,59: Helena Wyckaert, Patricia Ribero
  • 1,60: Paula Josemaría, Núria Rodríguez, Giulia Sussarello

You understood it, padel It's not really size that counts, but more talent!

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