What are the links between your injury and your raquette ? This is one of the research axes of Thomas Daney's thesis. Thanks to the inventory of injuries and monitoring of several racket models, on the ground and in the laboratory, it will be possible to provide the beginnings of an answer.

Why participate in this questionnaire?

More than a third of injuries au padel are located at the level of the upper limb. However, the link with the type of racket or its wear is little studied. Still, that would require more concern.

Indeed, the fatigue effects of the racket could have repercussions, not only on performance, but also on the risk of developing pathologies in the upper limb. This risk could be accentuated by increased transmission of vibrations which go up to the shoulder.

A better understanding of these connections could be helpful in optimizing the design and use of your snowshoes. For that, we are looking for players of all levels who may or may not have suffered one or more injuries to answer a questionnaire lasting a few minutes.

Padel vs tennis

Even though these two types of rackets are drastically different, are we observing similarities between certain mechanical properties and the prevalence of injuries? This questionnaire also aims to answer this question.

To participate in the questionnaire, simply here.

Racket and injury study