Sanyo Gutierrez and Maxi Sanchez are going through a phase of crisis in terms of results on the professional circuit of World Padel Tour. The last results were very disappointing and many believed that it was the end of the adventure between these 2 world number 1.

But here, more than friends in life, a mutual respect between the 2 players, and a desire to bounce together push Sanyo and Maxi to get up together and go back to the fight together.

An incredible beginning of season:

Sanyo and Maxi Sanchez started the season as rockets. On the 5 first tournaments, they won 3. As Sanyo so aptly put it, "this beginning of the season is not a normal but incredible". After these 5 tournaments disappointments began to arrive. At first it could be just a bad step but when it's repetitive it becomes a problem. What was the reason? The relationship between Sanyo and Maxi Sanchez was still good and fusional, but the agreement between Maxi and Nito Brea (former coach of Sanyo and Maxi) was simply catastrophic. Maxi did not adhere to the way coach Brea worked. To remedy this, Sanyo and Maxi decided to stop with Brea and start a new adventure with Horacio Alvarez Clementi (former coach of Belasteguin and Lima).

A desire to change air:

Sanyo and Maxi don't hide it. After the World Padel Tour de Valencia, they discussed at length about their association to conclude that they would continue to play together the tournament of Mijas and depending on what they did they will continue or not! The result of World Padel Tour de Mijas was unconvincing with a quarter-final loss to Piñeiro and Ruiz 1/4 4/6 6/4. Even if the result was not there, the 6 men had a very good attitude and a desire to continue on this path. That's why they decided to continue playing together.

The rest of the season:

It will be very important for Sanyo and Maxi to quickly win matches and a tournament. Firstly for their personal trust and then as a team. The good sensations come back little by little and the work of every day is carried out with rigor. This should announce a big return of Sanyo / Maxi on the next tournaments.

This second part of the season looks very exciting and above all we will see how Sanyo and Maxi will manage to get their heads out of the water. Positive results are highly anticipated and especially necessary to the first world pair, let's remember!

source: World Padel Tour /
Max Moreau

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