Francesco Totti and Jannik Sinner put on a show on a track of padel rise within the Foro Italico where the Masters 1000 in Rome is currently taking place. The Italian number one in tennis played along with the former captain of AS Roma and two local players, Giulio Grazotti and Michele Bruno.

While Carlos Alcaraz was playing on the central court, this small exhibition match attracted many spectators and created a certain enthusiasm, which can reassure the FIP (Fédération Internationale de Padel) before the Italy Major of Premier Padel which will take place in this same Foro Italico next July.

Sinner, who was due to play his round of XNUMX the following day, enjoyed the experience: “I have never played padel, I think it was seen (laughs), but I admit it was funny, and it was an honor to meet Francesco Totti!"

The former Squadra number 10 regaled the audience, interacting with onlookers who enthusiastically replied: “By 3? I'm going to dislocate my shoulder!” he shouted before feigning a back injury and then signing a completely crazy exit from the track.

FIP President Luigi Carraro highlighted the crowd's positive response to the event: “Today many people followed this part, in particular the juniors and the young children who gathered. It's the magic of padel !“. Of course, he hopes that the public will be present again for the Italy Major, which will be the first tournament of Premier Padel to accommodate a female painting.

Francesco Totti says the last word, when asked if he will be in the stands next July: “Are you kidding?! I intend to participate in the tournament! Keep me posted as I will be on vacation..."

Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!