Siux Beat, a brand new line designed for players who are new to this sport and want to improve their game.

In recent years, the padel is consolidating and yet more and more people want to enjoy this sport. In 2024, Siux has taken a new step in its product strategy to get closer to these new players with the Beat range: rackets that are easy to handle, supported by the quality and prestige of a specialist brand, and available at an affordable price.

Moreover, the family palas Siux Beat are an ideal solution for players with elbow problems, as the EVA Soft / fiberglass combination provides a soft feel, favoring the release of the ball and avoiding vibrations. The range consists of three rackets which adapt perfectly to the needs of these new players: Control, Hybrid and Hybrid Air.

The model Beat Control is a round racket, with a low balance and a wide sweet spot. A model designed 100% for control in the game which, unlike the other two rackets in the range, has a matte finish.

In the range, the Beat Hybrid stands out, as its name suggests, for its hybrid shape, with medium balance and a wide, higher sweet spot. A more versatile model with a glossy finish. Completing this range, the racket Beat Hybrid Air is designed to be even more manageable and comfortable. It differs from its namesake by its much lighter weight, between 340 and 360 grams. With a glossy finish, it offers increased versatility compared to the control model.

Siux also launched its version Beat KID, aimed at boys and girls up to 8 years old who wish to start in the padel. It is a very light and colorful racket (between 300 and 330 grams), smaller than an adult racket, with a shorter and thinner handle to make it easier for younger players to get started.