During two of our traditional polls on Instagram, we asked your opinion on two current rumors. In other words: will we have Garrido / Yanguas and Chingotto / Gonzalez pairs in 2024?

First, you seem to think that Garrido and Yanguas will team up. As we said yesterday, the Andalusians already have a little common history and could form a very dangerous pair. Quite logical then.

On the other hand, you have more difficulty believing in a Chingotto / Gonzalez association. In fact, only 50% of you think that the two players will team up. If the Argentinian's possibilities have diminished since the announcement of the renewal of Lebron and Galan, the Momo option does not really seem to stick to the recent remarks by Paquito, who explained that “Super Raton” needed a more decisive player.

Is this why you don’t see the two men teaming up too much? Or do you simply think that these two players with a rather defensive profile will have difficulty keeping up with the current big names?

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