At the beginning of November, we told you about big changes coming to SPASH, including the acceleration of the sponsorship model… We had also started to discuss the different subjects which would be the subject of a specific article. Today we are going to tell you about their patented technology: the Double Glass!

“Double Glass”, a patented technology that makes the windows of your land tactile!

No more on-board buttons and sensors! Instead you will find two 32-inch touch screens located behind the court glass and on each side of the court, with which players interact from inside the track using the glass as a touch screen. This innovation allows players to access all the features of the video system (video launch, recording of the best moments, live broadcast, coaching tool, etc.) without impacting their practice.

Usage multiplied by 2,5 compared to the old version, that changes everything!

The big novelty of this improved version of the NGTV Glass is therefore the appearance of an additional screen with much better designed interfaces adapted to racket sports. Now, players can access all features conveniently much more intuitive!

The product has already met with great success among SPASH customers with nearly 80 connected sites ordered and record utilization rates: use multiplied by 2,5 compared to old ranges!

This peak in usage is partly due to the addition of 2 new features: the Social Panel and Instant Replay.

The Social Panel

The Social Panel is one more way to allow SPASH customers to interact with their communities!

Players can with a single click using the buttons on the SocialPanel directly send their latest crazy shots or their biggest fails to managers, coaches or presidents.

Their customers can then access all the videos in their admin area, and customize buttons according to their needs (competitions, coaching, etc.).

Instant Replay


A coaching tool and an excellent way to avoid debates on a contentious ball, we present to you: Instant Replay!

Now, players can watch the last racket shot live directly on the screen! SPASH has also developed coaching-specific features (drawings, play areas, multi angles, etc.). Enough to help coaches go even further in the analysis with their players!

Sébastien Cornet, manager of Esprit Padel, speaks about it better than us!

As you will have understood, Double Glass is a product which is already arousing a lot of interest. Moreover, with its patented technology, SPASH is the only player on the market to be able to offer this type of service! To finish, here are a few words from Sébastien Cornet, manager of Esprit Padel, who decided to install the Double Glass system.

“My essential criterion for choosing a video technology is to be able to track usage in real time. SPASH offers an administrator area where you can monitor different statistics. Malcolm (SPASH salesman) came to present the “Double Glass” system to me, and we had a almost immediate result with the explosion in the utilization rate.

It’s simple, last August, we multiplied by 2 the use of windows ! I think this is because the “Glass” is much more visible to players. I think we will be able to go further, because the more a system is used, the more players want to use it ! Finally, what's interesting about the increase in usage is that it's simpler to go see partners and explain to them that they are going to be even more visible. It is for all these reasons that we decided to install this system on plots 2, 1 and 8, to now offer 3 tracks with Double Glass technology.”

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