If you are a fan of snowshoes padel and new technologies, this information has certainly not escaped you: Starvie has decided to equip the palas with its ranges Premium et Universe a new Noene Inside anti-vibration grip. It is notably present on the new Kenta and on new models of professional players equipped by the brand like Javi Garrido, Bea Gonzalez or Coki Nieto.

Developed in collaboration with NOENE INSIDE®, this new exclusive grip for the Spanish brand's rackets aims to absorb vibrations and protect players' joints while providing impeccable comfort and touch.

We are already talking about a small revolution since thanks to its viscoelasticity, this new grip promises to absorb up to 96% of the negative energy generated by impacts and vibrations! Present as standard on the pala, it is almost not noticeable at first sight, and will offer you comfort, finesse and lightness. The assurance of not disturbing those who do not use overgrip and want a thin grip.

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