Stéphane Massot, manager of All In Padel Sports, club located in Bouc-Bel-Air (13), looks back on the news of its club and the fifth place of its team in the Interclubs.

A record year for All In Padel Sports!

“All in Padel Sports had a record year, with exceptional results. We are very happy at this level, and now this fifth place at the Interclubs is a bit of the icing on the cake. Before that, we had been Champions of PACA for the second time, then third in Nationale 2. “

"Despite this, we experienced difficulties with our extension project, but fortunately this should be done in 2024. We will therefore have 11 courts, including 4 covered. This will allow us to decongest ourselves a little, because we experienced a year 2023 in constant flow…”

A fifth place for the “elders” at the 2023 Interclubs

The team stood out for its rather high average age, with certain players who were part of the French elite:

  • Léo Concalves Filipe: 28 years old
  • Pierre Valsot: 29 years old
  • Florian Valsot: 40 years old
  • Rémy Gourre: 37 years old
  • Justin Lopes: 34 years old
  • Alexandre Leruste: 36 years old
  • Jérémy Ritz: 37 years old
  • Jérôme Ferrandez: 36 years old

An experience that stood out on the track.

“Out of nine tie-breaks, we won eight! The only one we lost was in the tie-break of the third set of the decisive match against All In Padel Lyon (defeat of the Valsot brothers against Bergeron / Courrin). We beat three seeds in total, we took advantage of our favorable draw by facing the lowest seeded in the first round.

The results are very positive: last year we finished in 10th place, now we finished 5th. We will try to ride a little on this fifth place to try to go even further next season.”

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