After having scrutinized the performance of the Vertex 04 locomotives, let us now focus on the powerful steamrollers represented by the Hack 03 2024. The rivalry between these two standard bearers of the brand has sometimes raised questions among the final buyer, faced with a difficult choice and wondering which one is really the most powerful. We will also examine in detail the two evolutions of the Hack 03, namely a Hybrid version and another Comfort (CMF).

Bullpadel is committed to a constant evolution of each basic model with the aim of meeting the needs of a wide audience of players, by offering them the equipment best suited to their style of play. These “alternatives” make it possible to refine the preferences of future buyers, and this is precisely what we will explore without delay. The findings of our evaluation will also help us determine whether the Hack has managed to maintain its leading position, or whether the Vertex challengers have managed to surpass the favorite.

Paquito's Hack 03 2024

In common parlance, the term “Hack” refers to “manipulation of a system” and is frequently used to describe an exploit, especially in the field of computer programming, such as improving the performance of software. or problem solving. It can also be of an illicit nature, including illegal intrusion into a system or theft of data. In the context that concerns us today, the name “Hack” has a positive connotation, indicating that it is used to describe a model of racket offering certain keys in order to improve its effectiveness. The environment is established, let's explore further the three new benchmarks for the 2024 season.

Paquito Navarro's Hack 03 2024 is a diamond-shaped pala, with consistent balance and technical characteristics focused on attacking performance. The faces are two-tone, with orange and charcoal gray on one side, and silver and steel gray on the other, making it easier to draw lots to determine which team will be responsible for the service.

Bullpadel continues to integrate the MultiEva core, a feature present on all racquets in the Pro Line 24 range. For those who are not familiar with this technology, to popularize it, it is an influenceable foam which stiffens during powerful shots and becomes more flexible during calm sequences of play, thus ensuring adaptability to a wide range of players during different sequences of shots.

The faces are made of Tricarbon, a feature also patented by Bullpadel specifically reserved for certain Hack rackets. TriCarbon is defined by the use of a fiber braided in three directions of smaller thickness and lighter, giving the racket considerable strength and more intense reactivity. This category of fiber, much more rigid and resistant than traditional fibers, is exclusive to the classic Hack and Hybrid models in the catalog Bullpadel. The specific structure of TriCarbon allows the racket to react more quickly to impacts, generating a significant increase in power and improved control. This increase in stiffness comes from the racket's ability to transfer more energy to the ball, instantly returning to its original shape. At the same time, precision is optimized thanks to the increased dynamism of the racket during strikes.

Exclusive technologies

Adaptia technology, once again reserved for Hack models, combines the two elements mentioned previously: the Multieva core and the TriCarbon faces, with the aim of ensuring harmonized reactivity, regardless of the nature of the hits. In case of low intensity hits, the internal layers, characterized by a lower density, absorb the ball over a prolonged period, thus reducing the effort required to eject the ball from the sieve. On the other hand, during more powerful hits, the stiffer fibers, notably those of Tricarbon, come into action, limiting the contact of the ball with the core. Thus, Adaptia technology plays the role of conductor, guiding all of these technologies to adopt the best approach depending on the situation.

Another feature only deployed on the Hack is the specifically reinforced 3-branched bridge which offers better rigidity and greater stability to the racket.

The 3DGrain printing on the matte-coated faces presents a slight relief architecture, decorated with circumflex patterns. It is distinguished by less grip compared to a rough Top Spin surface, while offering an alternative to a completely smooth surface, thus providing a slight additional spin to your shots.

Metalshield is made from a mixture of aluminum and zinc, securely attached with 3M adhesive, eliminating the need to drill into the structure. This is a lightweight yet sturdy frame protector, providing excellent protection against scratches and impacts, and giving the racket a sleek, modern appearance.

The weight plate system developed by Bullpadel remains a must-have feature, offering the ability to customize the gravity and balance of the racket. This flexibility allows the racket to be adjusted to achieve additional control, more power or specific balance based on each player's individual preferences. This system comes in two components: the Protector Custom Weight, which includes a set of three plates positioned on the protector, and the Grip Custom Weight, a system consisting of a plate placed under the handle with different weight options.

Within the framework of this racket is the CarbonTube design, made entirely of interwoven bi-directional carbon fiber. This hollow structure surrounds the racket frame to provide maximum mechanical response, ensuring an ideal compromise between power and control.

It is accompanied by Nerve technology, which guarantees optimal stability and durability. This system remains an essential component and is characterized by reinforcements integrated into the perimeter of the frame, giving this reference additional rigidity to resist accidental shocks or blows, and helps prevent twisting when striking. The Air React Channel, an original version of the new Air Power that equips the new Vertex, is an aerodynamic arc crossing the deck, and plays an essential role in promoting a more explosive and precise ball strike. This innovation materializes through small openings positioned at deck level, aimed at optimizing aerodynamics and stability, and this results in an increase in swing speed.

It incorporates the innovative Hesacore grip, which improves grip, reducing hand effort and pressure, vibrations and the likelihood of injuries.


During play, this racket stands out for its exceptional responsiveness and high balance that will allow you to dominate the air in an aggressive and dynamic playing style. The power it offers is directly proportional to the skill level you will need to achieve to take full advantage of it. Smashes are the mainstay of this reference, and I was impressed by the energy it releases. However, it is important to note that the optimal hitting zone is not very large, requiring great precision when hitting to hit the sweet spot. When it comes to volleys, the racket offers remarkable dynamism, thus amplifying the precision of each shot. During intense defenses, the improved maneuverability and limited ball exit can make the situation a little more complex. However, technical players will be able to overcome these challenges with more ease than intermediate players.

Hack 03 Hybrid 2024

Now let's focus our attention on the two alternatives presented in the catalog Bullpadel. Hack 03 Hybrid 24. A teardrop-shaped variation of the classic Hack, this variant is designed to offer additional maneuverability thanks to downward rebalancing. I must recognize that this correction has been particularly beneficial, transforming this pala into equipment accessible to a much wider audience, beyond the core target which is the elite. The on-board technologies remain identical to those I have just detailed, the only distinction residing in the aesthetic aspect. The matte surfaces feature a shades of brown, appreciated for their elegance and refinement, and, depending on the angle of inclination of the racket observed, the light creates the illusion of a checkerboard.

As for the logo, it features the imposing legendary B in bronze, and I must admit that this combination is not optimal, because the emblem of Bullpadel becomes practically invisible. The bridge, tinted a bright pumpkin orange, contrasts with the rest of the racket which adopts much more sober tones. The top and bottom of the frame are coated with a glossy finish that particularly highlights the 3DGrain innovation. On the court, this racket stands out for its superior maneuverability than the Hack 03, although it is slightly less powerful. It is crucial to note, however, that she remains an extremely hard-hitting pala, retaining the Hack genetics that make a splash among high-energy players. It is also more effective in defense due to its lower balance, which is advantageous when needing to recover low balls.

Hack 03 Comfort 2024

Now, let's discover the Hack 03 Comfort 24 version. Back with a diamond shape and a balance high enough to offer more weight to your shots. Lacking certain technological features such as TriCarbon, Adaptia, Custom Weight, and Hesacore, it stands out for the incorporation of Fibrix in its faces, which results in increased comfort and improved ball release. In fact, the combination of X-Glass fiberglass and carbon gives the racket superior comfort and also widens the point dulce. With improved ball release, you will exert less effort during low-intensity shots and gain efficiency in defensive phases.

It is a less rigid pala than its predecessors, which is advantageous for those looking for more comfort and ball release. It still excels in aggressive play and powerful smashes, even outperforming other references that incorporate fiberglass into their surfaces. Aesthetically, it evokes the B side of the classic Hack 03, but with an inversion of the two main colors (orange and anthracite gray) between the logo and the surfaces.


The Hack racquet range offers three variations to meet the needs of all players. The classic Hack 03 stands out as the most powerful racket due to its top-end balance aimed at experienced players, especially left-handed ones. The MultiEva, combined with the TriCarbon, offers unrivaled responsiveness and phenomenal power, although this comes at the expense of a reduced sweet spot and minimal comfort.

The CMF version offers the greatest versatility with a good ball release thanks to Fibrix technology, more docile and pleasant, and an extended ideal hitting zone compared to other versions. Despite its diamond shape, it allows ordinary players to explore the different characteristics of this racket in more depth, emphasizing comfort and ball release while maintaining considerable power. Offering obvious offensive potential and satisfactory defensive performance, it will be perfect for experienced players, whether left or right, looking for an incisive and tolerant racket. For my part, I preferred to opt for this version, because it allows you to play in a more relaxed manner without the constant need to systematically center your strikes.

As for the hybrid version, it is intended for experienced players, whether left or right, and constitutes an ideal compromise between the two thanks to its teardrop format which rebalances the mass for more maneuverability.

As you can see, depending on your playing style, it is crucial to choose the reference that suits your needs. The differences between the Hybrid and the Comfort are significant, and it is possible, depending on your preferences, to prefer one while disapproving the other.

Finally, the “Hack” numbers remain focused on the offensive aspect, regardless of the specific variant you have chosen among these variations. This means that some technical expertise will be required to fully exploit the optimal performance offered by these different versions. Otherwise, I recommend that you explore other options in the catalog (AXYM, Ionic), some characterized by round formats, more forgiving coatings (GlaPhite) and easier handling (Light).

We will meet again very soon to present the three women's models, without forgetting the brand new Neuron which I can't wait to present to you in more detail.

I cannot conclude this Hack file without making a comparison with the competitor, the half-sister, the fierce rival, Vertex 04. I had the immense honor of sharing the track with Antoine Sarroste, the sales director for France . In addition to participating in a session together, we had the opportunity to engage in in-depth conversations on various topics, including these two specific models.

In the ecosystem Bullpadel, two references have been competing fiercely for many years, where fans of each camp aspire to win the prestigious title of the brand's most powerful racket. The objective of this update is not to decide between the Vertex and the Hack, but rather to highlight the disparities that distinguish them. Although most of the technologies used are similar between these 2 models, a few exceptions allow them to be distinguished.

For my part, I find that the Hack 03 2024, Paquito Navarro's emblematic racket, remains in my eyes the most powerful pala in the catalog Bullpadel, and this, since the first versions put on the market. This assessment obviously reflects my own perspective, and a certain segment of players may not agree with my conclusions. Here are my arguments: Its high balance, perhaps attributable to the MetalShield system, gives more weight to vigorous play. The presence of TriCarbon undeniably provides greater rigidity compared to the Xtend 12 K fitted to the Vertex 04. An additional advantage lies in the ability of the core to regain its shape more quickly after the impact of the ball thanks to Adaptia technology, offering more responsiveness and dynamism in order to chain strikes with consistent quality. The Hack core, apparently more rigid than the Vertex core, allows less deformation during very high intensity strikes.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!