Today, we are going to conclude the evaluation of the Extreme range by highlighting the last reference, the Elite, which, as you will see, has many advantages.

As a reminder at Head, the round-shaped models (focused on control) are the Gravity, the teardrop-shaped ones (offering versatility) are the Speed, and the most powerful models are the all-new Extreme, succeeding the old models Delta.

The Pro classification targets experienced players thanks to the use of rigid materials and significant weight in order to offer increased power, the Motion name is reserved for the lightest models in each range for excellent handling, while the Elite version, which we will examine in detail today, emphasizes comfort and tolerance.

Fiberglass on the faces

The racket primarily displays a bright shade of chartreuse yellow, accented with delicate lichen green accents. This combination gives electric energy and dynamic modernity to this dazzling model.

The length of the handle is completely classic, as is the strap that equips this pala. The racket is equipped with all the latest technological advances from the Austrian brand, which I will detail below.

The only difference from its counterparts is the incorporation of fiberglass, giving this model the maximum comfort and indulgence in the Extreme range.

Tailored Frame

The setting Tailored Frame and the soft surface of this pala provide a wider sweet spot (punto dulce) than normal for a diamond-shaped racket, providing a secure feeling when hits are off-center. The Tailored Frame of Head is a frame design that helps optimize the distribution of power and control of a racquet padel.

The frame of a pala is the part which surrounds the sieve and which transmits the force of the strike to the ball. The shape and thickness of the frame have a significant influence on the power and control of a racket.
Its particular design of this model allows it to optimize the distribution of power and control over the entire striking surface of the racket.


Here too, engineering Auxetic is used. It is located in the heart of the pala to improve the feeling during impacts, even when the ball does not touch the center of the racket.

With Auxetic, players will experience increased sensitivity and confidence during gameplay. Auxetic builds are characterized by a unique deformation compared to non-auxetic builds. Their particularity lies in their ability to expand when a “traction” force is applied and to contract when compressed. The greater the force applied, the more significant the auxetic reaction.

Power foam

The core of this racket is made of the famous foam Power foam which combines power and comfort.

This foam, which is both flexible and has good resilience, is capable of absorbing the energy of the strike to restore it quickly. This mechanism promotes increased power generation during low intensity strokes.

In addition to its dynamic properties, Power Foam offers a soft and comfortable feel. This feature helps to dampen vibrations during keystrokes, improving overall player comfort.

The association with a fiberglass surface allows you to obtain the model with the most pronounced ball exit in the range.

Optimized Sweet Spot

The other major innovation carried over this season is theOptimized Sweet Spot which consists of widening the ideal strike sector in order to provide each model with a precise strike zone.

Head incorporates this technology across the Extreme denomination, an approach to optimize the distribution of power and control by strategically positioning the screen holes.

The sweet spot of a racquet padel, the area offering the greatest power and the best control, is located, for diamond racquets like this Elite, towards the top of the head, but its location can vary depending on the shape of the racquet and its balance.

The Optimized Sweet Spot Head strives to expand this area, allowing players to hit the ball with power and control even outside of the ideal impact point.

This technological advance is based on the use of simulation software to determine the optimal positioning of the sieve holes, then carried out with precision using a specialized machine.

Anti Shock Skin, Smart Bridge, Soft Butt Cap…

It also benefits from the frame protector Anti Shock Skin, light and transparent polymeric material, which is a protective strip aimed at protecting your racket as much as possible.
Positioned on the head of the frame, this special layer ensures increased durability of your racket and also makes it resistant to friction.

Not to mention the Smart bridge which is a method of deck design that helps improve the stability and durability of a racket padel.

The bridge of a pala is the part that connects the frame to the sieve. It plays an important role in the stability and durability of the racket, as does the graphene inside the frame.

The Smart Bridge involves using a composite material in the design of the bridge. This material is stiffer than traditional carbon, which improves the stability of the racket.

Head Extreme Elite slice

To finish with the innovations deployed, the Soft Butt Cap is a rubber cap located at the end of the pala handle. It is designed to improve the comfort and grip of the racket, reduce vibrations without changing the weight and balance of the racket, and theExtreme Spin is always present on the surface of the sieve, in order to produce more effects during cut strikes.


At Head, the Elite models have always captivated me, and for an obvious reason. These are references that excuse any typing errors, magically reducing centering issues. The combination of fiberglass and Power Foam core creates a singular combination capable of producing remarkable ball release without requiring excessive arm speed to achieve the desired power.

Despite its lightness, this pala benefits from a fairly high racket balance which can give the impression of greater mass, making it less suitable for beginners. It is best suited to intermediate and advanced players looking for an offensive racket without sacrificing ease on defense.

This high balance makes it easier to generate power, although this benchmark is not as powerful as the Extreme Pro.

Its soft touch promotes high ball performance, particularly suitable for defensive situations, as well as for those with arm pain. To optimally conclude this file, each Extreme model has distinct characteristics.

The Extreme range: 4 models with distinct characteristics


La Pro is aimed at aggressive left-wing players with excellent technical mastery and looking for a punch at any time.

La Motion represents the ideal compromise in the Extreme range, with a reduced weight which accentuates maneuverability while offering high power.

THEElite stands out as a more accessible model thanks to the addition of fiberglass, offering a more flexible performance than other models.

Finally, the One is intended for those who wish to adopt an exclusive model, breaking with traditional manufacturing codes.

It should be noted that all Extreme registration numbers feature a diamond-shaped configuration. Whatever the circumstance, the weight is evenly distributed across the upper part of the frame, which can influence handling, but provides exceptional power.

I want to thank Head France for giving me the opportunity to try all these models, recognized as the most powerful on the market.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!