After the redesign of the Delta range and, more recently, the rewriting of the superb models Gravity, Head is tackling the Speed ​​coat of arms in 2023: a cosmetic but also denominational remodeling for one of the most popular palas on the French circuit.

Exit the mythical name Alpha, which the fans knew in the hands of the magician Sanyo (before he signed with Siux), it is today with a more Anglo-Saxon name that “the Head” has decided to strike. “Speed”, for those who skipped English lessons at school, means speed, quickness.

A benchmark forgiving in weight and comfortable in handling, pleasant with a neutral balance, then tolerant and comfortable thanks to the addition of fiberglass. With all these qualifiers, you will play all your shots with tenfold arm speed.

As in previous years, the Austrian brand is always faithful to the designation of its models and the specifications behind them (Pro, Motion and Elite).

Speed ​​Pro

Known for its neutral balance and extreme versatility, it's the ultimate all-purpose racquet. We do not change a winning team and the heart of this pala once again embeds the legendary foam Power foam which has delighted so many players around the world and which is still today a reference always deployed by Head.

Regarding the striking surface, it is a mixture of 12 K braided carbon and fiberglass that feeds the mold. Fiberglass provides comfort on impact. More flexible, they allow you to benefit from a more pleasant sensation while gaining ball output. The carbon fiber will add rigidity and resistance to the racquet to gain precision, power and durability.

The racket is very contemporary with a mix of black and gray embellished with copper touches, the smooth surface and the matte effect completing the general look.


Benefiting from the same characteristics as the Speed ​​Pro, with two differences, the Speed ​​Motion is the lightest model in the range, with a lacquered surface.

It will therefore be a preferred reference for those looking for maneuverability, and all those who want a comfortable racket, even more maneuverable than the Pro, while being slightly less stable and powerful. It also benefits from the 12 K carbon/fiberglass combo on its faces, so no worries about responsiveness: it always starts very strong, but with much more obedience.

Personally, it's the racket that I found the most beautiful in the series, with an ocher hue, warm and natural, both soft and soothing.

Speed ​​Elite

The Elite model is the most comfortable of the Speed ​​series thanks to the presence of 100% fiberglass on its sides, and a more balanced handle. This fiberglass being coupled with the flexible Power Foam core, you have in your hands a pala with exceptional approval.

It is a product with a breathtaking ball output and increased hitting comfort that is found in the middle of the two other models in terms of weight.

Friends injured in the arm, look no further, forget the full carbon and orient yourself towards this kind of product, certainly less powerful but more permissive and pleasant to play.

Note that it does not differ in any way technologically from the two other references screened.

With its gradation of gray (dark, anthracite, blue) on a black background and its gold borders, there is no doubt that this pala will catch the eye of connoisseurs.


Head brilliantly completes this Speed ​​series, located between the Gravity range with round shapes (control), and the Delta range, with diamond shapes (power).

The appellation Speed was not chosen at random.

Between the moment you arm the shot and its release, you will have a head start on heavier models, because the speed of execution due to an ideally adjusted weight distribution will allow you to perform your movements with relaxation and spontaneity. .

The models I had in hand best characterize what the term versatile means.

Benefiting from a teardrop structure with a balance with small onions, in the absence of the Pro X which I had not received, the Pro version, as in previous years, will be the most impactful of the three, because the heaviest.

The Motion, model chosen by Ari Sanchez, is the most manageable with its neutral balance and its lightness which does not necessarily make you lose a lot of power. The glossy faces provide a drier touch and even more prominent cosmetics. The perfect compromise for those who don't want to make concessions by combining promptness and power: it's definitely my favorite.

The Elite, with its low balance, will appeal to women, juniors and injured in remission, thanks to the fiberglass on the faces which does a remarkable job of absorbing vibrations, ball output and hitting comfort .

The Power Foam core is as spectacular and enjoyable as ever, with the performance needed for those who want to play the tricks.

Note that a new technology is emerging: it is the Soft Butt Cap, a two-piece soft cap that sits in the handle of the racquet, providing better vibration absorption and allowing you to play more comfortably.


Here is a summary of the technologies deployed on all Speed ​​models:
Power foam: the ideal ally for maximum power. The speed that your ball will reach will surprise your opponent as much as you.

Optimized Sweet Spot : each racket has its own peculiarities; some are characterized by the control and precision they offer, others by their power or spin. That is why Head has developed the Optimized Sweet Spot ideal hitting sector, to adapt a specific area to each model.

Smart bridge : each racket has its own DNA. Some will offer control and precision, others power or comfort. That is why Head created the Smart Bridge, in order to adapt the bridge area to the needs of each racquet.

Tailored Frame : Each tube section is individually constructed to achieve the best performance for each racket.

Graphene Inside : Strategically placed in most of the brand's racquets, graphene reinforces the frame, provides greater stability and optimizes the transfer of energy from the racquet to the ball.
Anti Shock Skin : this unique polymeric material has enabled Head to create protection against shocks to best preserve your racket. Placed on the head of the frame, this special layer guarantees better durability of your racket and also allows it to resist friction.
Soft Butt Cap : soft cap that will improve comfort and gaming sensations, reducing the pressure of the wrist strap on the wrist.

Auxetic : implementation on the bridge of the racquet, which offers a better feeling at impact even when the ball does not reach the sweet-spot perfectly. With the new Auxetic technology, players will get more sensitivity and confidence in the game (auxetic constructions exhibit a unique deformation compared to non-auxetic constructions. Due to their internal properties, auxetic constructions expand when a "pull" force is applied and contract when compressed. The greater the force applied, the greater the auxetic reaction).

Special thanks French Padel shop (Manu, Fred and Régis) for allowing me to test these three models. For the occasion benefit from a promo code at French Padel Shop. Type HEADSPEED in your cart and get 10% off the range HEAD SPEED (Elite, Jr, Motion, Pro and Pro X).

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!