La flight can be used in several situations padel. To put an end to the point, to build a phase of play or to reach the filet. This is what we propose to address.

The volley is used extensively in padel. Unlike tennis where it allows an offensive end of the attack, in padel it is used in many more situations.

We all know the biting and decisive volleys, the sustaining or building volleys, but there are also volleys that allow us to go from the baseline (defense position) to the net (attack position).

What to avoid doing

The players of padel coming from other sports often tend to rush to reach the net. We have been able to tell you or you have surely heard that we cannot stay in the transition zone (the half-track). That is true. But nothing prevents you from making a volley in this area!

So do not attack the net from the back of the track because, since your opponents are already at the net, it will be very difficult for you to steal the show. So build, without rushing.

The climb using the fly

Let's take a quick look at the volley from the offensive position. Since this is an attacking stroke, we will have to take a step forward to impact the ball. Once the ball is played, we go back to recover the position. From there we can organize our climb.

If we start from the back of the track, we can impact our volley by going forward, but instead of trying to get back to the rear, we get back to the front. In 2 or even 3 ends you will have reached the offensive position without remaining in the transition zone.

What if the adversaries push us back?

There is this possibility. You, the defender, are looking to push back your opponents to take the net, but currently they are the ones who control the position. So although you go forward, they may push you back to the bottom: no worries. Since you advance slowly, in an organized fashion and not like a rocket, you will have the time and the spirit to return in defense to attempt another assault later.

En conclusion

Even if you are a very offensive style player, you should know all the volleys used in the game. padel. There are construction or attack volleys from the net position, then volleys that take place further, either from the back or from the transition zone. These volleys can be very offensive, for example when you come straight to the net after a ball played short cross, slow, at the grid. Or less offensive, little by little, with organization, advancing step by step, trying to push back the opponents to take their place, but with the possibility of reactivating the defense if necessary.

Depending on your style of play, you will certainly prefer this or that type of volley. But the higher your level, the wider your range of moves and tactics will have to be. And this volley, used while advancing, will have to be part of it.

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife. He is the founder of, a software very popular with clubs and players of padel. Columnist and advisor, he helps you to play better through his many tutorials padel.