If the 2024 season will begin with the Lebron / Galan pair at the top of the ranking Premier Padel, World Padel Tour will have bowed out with two players at the top of its men's ranking: Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello.

An exceptional start to the season

For their first season together, Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello clearly met expectations. These two players with exceptional offensive potential very quickly knew how to tune their violins. With Tapia more comfortable in defense and Coello more decisive than ever, the Spanish-Argentinian pair were going to start 2023 with a bang and win everything in their path. As proof, the 9 titles won consecutively on the World Padel Tour. Quite crazy, the players of the Pratto / Crosetti / Martin trio experienced their first defeat on the WPT in June, during the final of the Valladolid Master!

And on the Premier Padel, after being eliminated by Stupa and Di Nenno during the first tournament of the season in Qatar, Agus and Arturo went on to win four titles. In total, the two friends will have won 15 titles in 2023 (11 on the WPT, 4 on the Premier Padel). It’s simple, no one has done it this well.

A more difficult end of the year

Enough to be the pair of the year, despite a small slump during the second part of the season, with “only” 2 titles out of 11 tournaments on the WPT after having done 9/9 to start the year. Perhaps a little tired after their cannonball start to the season, the Argentinian and the Spaniard were unable to maintain the pace. Combine the return to full form of Lebron / Galan, the regularity of Di Nenno / Stupa and a few physical glitches and you get a pair who will have shown themselves to be much less dominant at the end of the exercise.

With a less extensive schedule next season, the explosive Coello and Tapia should still hurt. Can they be the most prolific pair again? Start of response in February!

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