They will stay forever the last players in history du padel professional to be world number 1 on the circuit World Padel Tour. Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello have – finally – secured their place at the top of the ranking, following a semi-final controlled from start to finish against to the young surprises of the tournament Eduardo Alonso and Alejandro Arroyo.

We had to wait the last Open of this year so that Tapia and Coello are finally assured of finishing the year number 1. The opportunity to make a little retrospective on the spectacular season that these two men gave us…

An anthology start to the year

The new Tapia/Coello association created sparks on the circuit from the start of the season. It's simple, in 8 tournaments played on the circuit of World Padel Tour, 8 titles won and no less of 37 victories in a row. We even wondered if a team would manage to stop the machine.

Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia completely crushed their opponents. Between their playing power and their defensive moves from another galaxy, it was very difficult to find a tactic to make them bend.


The first to achieve this, on the circuit Premier Padel, are their main rivals this season: Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno. During the semi-finals in Qatar, the superpibes win in 3 sets. Nothing to worry about the world number 1s, since they won the other 4 Majors of the season.

A more sluggish continuation of the season

The rest of the season is more complicated for the star pair at the start of the year. Indeed, an injury will hold both crazy smashers away from the competition, depriving them in particular of the Human Padel From toulouse. A place for the other teams to come back a little to the level of the two giants, especially for the superpibes, never far away.

Still on the circuit World Padel Tour, nothing is going well for Arturo and Agustín. After their victory at the Marbella Masters at the end of May, the two players could no longer do it. This is to say, they have since won only one tournament, that of Malaga, at the end of July.

tapia injury

Since, no more titles for numbers 1. They could only watch the superpibes slowly come back into their viewfinder. The spoilsport Lebron and Galan didn't help either, with a stratospheric end to the season for the former world number 1s, who upset both Coello/Tapia, but also Stupaczuk/Di Nenno.

The consecration in Mexico

Finally, if Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia can blame Ale Galan and Juan Lebron, they can also thank them. Because the Galantico and Lobo have prevented the superpibes de return to Coello/Tapia. Depriving them of the title on several occasions, Juan and Ale allowed Arturo and Agustín to maintain a comfortable lead. Especially at the end of the season...

And then Mexico arrives. The last Open of the year. For Arturo and Agustín, the goal was simple: reach the final. In addition to that, the number 1s were able to benefit from the withdrawal of Lebron/Galan. The royal road for the two players who only had to play at their best to reach this Sunday. And it’s done, against Arroyo and Alonso. A victory in two sets for Coello and Tapia which propelled them to the top.


For Franco and Martin, it's the end of the dream. Especially since the runners-up in the standings were eliminated during the semi-finals. THE superpibes fell against those we nicknamed the pibes : Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburger.

Despite everything, the Argentines can congratulate themselves on their season. They will have been able to maintain the suspense until the last tournament of the year. But at the end of these ten months of competition, Arturo and Agustín are the world number 1s. A title that they will not have deserved, especially with their start to the master season.

Rain of reactions on the networks

On their social networks, Arturo and Agustín have already reacted to their definitive place of number 1. Arturo post a message for your partner, just a few words. “How nice it is to experience this by your side“, he writes. For his part, Agustín simply states: “this is all crazy".

Other players also had a little word for the new world number 1s. Alejandro galan, who published a photo of Arturo and Agustín directly on his account. With, of course, a little word for the new number 1s: “Congratulations on this great season and for being number one. You are a great challenge to continue working and fighting. "

More discreet, Franco Stupaczuk also wanted to congratulate Arturo and Agustín "Congratulations on the N1, Agus and Arturo. Because they were better and we had a very healthy rivalry throughout the year. "

Gwenaelle Souyri

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