Very happy to have won the French Interclub Championship with All In Padel, Teo Zapata returned to Mario Cordero's microphone on the competition and various current topics.

A group of friends

“I am very happy for the team, for this group of friends that we have formed. I think this year was more difficult than last year, we can see that the teams have strengthened.

In the end, they won almost without my help since I was only able to arrive for the semi-finals. It's true that yesterday we brought home the decisive point, Johan and I, but today, they won before I had to play. In the end, in addition to the victory, I will remember these great moments outside, this excellent atmosphere. It’s different compared to professional tournaments, I’m very happy to come and play here with them.”

Limit the presence of foreign players at Interclubs?

“This year, several teams have been reinforced with professional Spanish players, I believe that this allows the level to rise. Each year the tournament is tougher and I believe that it is very positive for the padel French. I think we need a limit, like in Italy, so that we have a majority of French players in the team, but I don't think we should go to the other extreme and ban foreigners either. to participate. I think it’s good for the level of the tournament to allow people from outside to participate.”

“At the moment, I don't know who I will play with next year, I had offers from other teams for 2023, but I committed to All In and I keep my promises. For 2024 I don't know yet, it also depends on the dates and professional tournaments that there may be at the same time, but I hope to still be there next year.

Happy to train

“I'm very happy with my end of the year, I had my best results in the last month so I'm very happy. I don't really like it when players say “tomorrow, a new day at work”, I think we are privileged to be able to do a job that we love. I'm happy when I can be with my friends and relax a little, but training every day, getting physical, being with my team, traveling to tournaments, that's what I like to do. The break will be good but I will continue to train every day, because I am happier when I am training than when I am doing nothing.”

Enter the 16 best pairs

“Next year the goal will be to try to be among the top 16 pairs in the world. In the Premier Padel Major and P1, there are 16 seeds, so the number 1 objective is to be part of it. I know it’s ambitious but I believe in it, and I will do everything to achieve it.”

“At the moment I’m playing with Fran Guerrero. We finished the season very well and I think we want to play together, but you never know, at the top of the rankings, there will be big changes, and there could be a good opportunity. But otherwise yes, I am very enthusiastic about this project and I hope that we will continue.”

“You will continue to see me here in France. When I come, I will play with my friend Cyril. We'll first have to see the calendar and how we can organize it all, but you'll see me, that's for sure.”

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