The Electra Pro ST3 by Siux can be summed up in two words: versatile and impactful.

The third version of Argentine athlete Franco Stupaczuk's signature racquet marks a notable progression from his previous versions.

However, before we delve deeper, let's first look at the origin of the name that identifies this reference.

The name “Electra” is not insignificant.

On the one hand, it evokes electricity, a symbol of excitement and stimulation, like the electric atmosphere that reigns during Stupa matches.

On the other hand, he is a recurring name in popular culture to describe characters endowed with strength and independence, two qualities that perfectly characterize the game of this talented player. The name Electra, meaning “luminous” or “sparkling” in Greek, is generally associated with characteristics such as determination, passion and strength.

The choice of the name Electra for the ST3 is therefore not insignificant and it reflects the desire of its designers to create a powerful, efficient product capable of standing out.

The Electra ST3 thus presents itself as a true incarnation of the spirit of Electra, a force capable of illuminating and sparkling in its domain.

Heart of the racket, rubber and carbon

The heart of the racket has been redesigned with the integration of a new “Eva Hard” core.

This rubber, stiffer than the previous version, offers high reactivity and superior offensive performance to the ST2.

Combined with a 15K TexTreme carbon fiber coating, this model offers an optimal combination of hardness and resistance providing exceptional dynamism.

This increased rigidity guarantees raw power ideal for powerful strikes and decisive smashes, while ensuring clear control of trajectories with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker.

The Carbon 3K + Aramid tubular frame further reinforces the firmness of the racket, providing superior durability and optimal stability during intense volleys.

The classic: ShockOut

ShockOut technology is still current, two anti-vibrators integrated into the middle peripheral holes (but which you can move higher like Franco Stupaczuk), and an anti-vibration overgrip protect your joints and guarantee optimal playing comfort by reducing bad waves especially during full power hits.

The hybrid rounded teardrop shape offers a fairly wide sweet spot, allowing for more comfortable and forgiving strikes even when off-center.

The sandblasted finish combined with a glossy paint accentuates the spin and increases the speed of the ball out of the frame.

Finally, the padded wrist strap completes the packaging and the length of the handle is slightly longer than average.

Aesthetically, the combination of yellow and black is often perceived as bold and striking because of the strong contrast between these two colors.

Test results

In summary, the Siux Electra PRO ST3 is an exceptional racket that is at the peak of performance.
It is the result of close collaboration between Stupa and the development team of Siux, which guarantees optimal performance.

Designed for advanced to expert players, it offers a unique combination of power, control and maneuverability, a rare and valuable trio.

However, as with any high-end racquet, it is essential to check that it suits your playing style and experience level.

For those ready to raise their game, this benchmark could well be the game-changer they're looking for.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!