Stéphane Penso takes on the racket Siux which represents the maximum firepower: the Fenix ​​Pro 4 2024.

This pala is not a simple racket, it is a weapon of mass destruction designed for players who don't compromise on power.

The origins of the Fenix

Sporting a captivating golden color that envelops 90% of its frame, the lacquered finish gives it a flamboyance that makes it shine brightly.

Selected by Maxime Moreau, one of the best French players, this racket stands out among the rare references to the diamond format (which here is innovative and octagonal) in the catalog Siux.

The term “Phoenix” essentially embodies the notion of renewal and resurrection, but in the context that interests us, it mainly evokes power and elevation.

It goes beyond the simple notion of rebirth to evoke an ascension towards greater power and greatness and implies the idea of ​​a being capable of transcending its limits, of taking advantage of challenges in order to develop exceptional energy and stature.

Thus, the name “Fenix” becomes the very symbol of strength and greatness, arousing admiration and respect.

A balance in mind

Now let's take a closer look at the characteristics that define the racket and influence its behavior on the court.

The obvious balance at the head of the racket guarantees extra punch with each strike, while the new generation Eva Hard core offers a fairly hard touch and formidable precision.
The 21K TexTrem carbon fiber coating provides a dry feel and a flashy hitting sound.

The double reinforcement at the deck level guarantees additional stability and rigidity, thus increasing the impact during tough phases of play.

The integration of 3D printing directly into the mold is simply spectacular, because the considerable relief, formed by small diamonds on the striking surface, will help you keep the ball a little longer in the frame and generate spin considerable.

The rather high sweet spot

ShockOut anti-vibrators, located in the upper side, add even more weight to the head.

The overgrip from the same brand is still present to obtain the perfect combination to reduce vibrations while the wrist strap is padded to offer optimal comfort. On the court, this racket offers a great temperament between power, precision and weight on each shot, particularly standing out in full-throttle smashes and aggressive aerial play. With obvious rigidity, it represents the pinnacle of current technology, but it is not suitable for all players.

His pronounced balance can pose a challenge on defense, although the sweet spot, located relatively high, is not as restricted as one might think.

Additionally, ball release can pose an additional obstacle for players who prefer to use the trampoline effect to return balls into play with little effort.

Racket for players with strong arms

The maneuverability of this racket requires a certain physical robustness, requiring a strong arm to control it.

However, by combining this strength with the technique specific to high level players, you will discover that this racket represents the Holy Grail of offensive palas.

It is not intended for everyone, but rather for experienced players who favor powerful shots and seek the ultimate performance, regardless of the concessions to be made.

Its distinctive design is sure to get you noticed and it is one of my favorites, as I was impressed by its overall performance.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!