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The best Christmas offers from our partners

Christmas is approaching and ten days before the famous date you still don't have a present, or do you simply want to treat yourself? Take advantage of the best offers from our partner sites to offer a pala!

Babolat Air Viper 2023


This is a racket with a very particular shape, which will appeal to players looking for a light pala (355g). For rather aerial profiles, the Babolat Air Viper has 16k carbon on its faces, for maximum performance on big hits. Its X EVA foam will give you more power and precision in attack, and enough ball release in defense! A complete pala that you will find at €179,90 at Total Padel.

StarVie Aquila Speed ​​2.0


StarVie innovated this year with the arrival of Speed-branded palas, equipped with Ultra Soft rubber, for a larger sweet spot and more ball release. Combine that with the 3k carbon on the faces and the teardrop shape of this Aquila and you get a balanced blend of comfort, control and power. If you are looking for an offensive racket, with a dry feel, but also extremely comfortable, then this Aquila Space Speed ​​2.0, handmade in Spain, should please you. You will find it at € 109,90 at Padel XP.

Wilson Pro V2

Wilson Bela Pro V2 2023

This was one of the most anticipated racquets of this new year and it did not disappoint! With its dazzling red, the new creation of the legend of padel, Fernando Belasteguin, brings innovative technologies while preserving its characteristic spirit: a foam and rigid faces which allow dry and powerful strikes. This original pala leaves no one indifferent and promises to satisfy players who love a particularly offensive style. She is at €224,90 at Extreme Padel.

Kuikma MS Pro

Signature racket of former world number 1 Maxi Sanchez, the Kuikma MS Pro is an offensive and powerful racket weighing 375 grams, but with a low balance, for more maneuverability. Equipped with dual density foam to allow you to benefit from an impeccable touch in attack as well as in defense, it has high-tech carbon on its faces for clear and precise strikes. For its part, the new “Air Foam Frame” will guarantee solidity and durability. A concentrate of technology that you will find at Decathlon for €180.

Bullpadel Vertex 04

Juan Tello's brand new racket has just been released. There Bullpadel Vertex 04, if equipped with the latest technologies specific to the brand, such as the brand new Curvaktiv, to improve the resistance of the frame, keeps the spirit of this already legendary line. We find the now traditional diamond shape, coupled with a carbon frame and faces, for a resolutely powerful pala and appreciated by the most offensive players. You will find it at € 299,90 at Esprit Padel Shop.

Head Speed-Motion

Head SpeedMotion 2023

This is the new pala used by world number 1 Ariana Sanchez. On the program for this versatile and lightweight racket, we find a foam with a lot of response, and a mixture of fiberglass and carbon on the faces, to offer a perfect compromise between power and ball release. A versatile pala, which will delight those who like to play aggressively but need maneuverability. It can be found at the price of € 149,90 at Padel References.

Nox AT10 Genius 18K 2023

It is one of the bestsellers of 2023: the pala used by number 1 Agustin Tapia this season. Developed with the help of the Argentinian, this Nox AT 18K is distinguished by a slightly drier touch than that found on previous versions. Enough to ensure even clearer and more decisive strikes. Inside this racket in the shape of an inverted drop of water, we find the famous HR3 foam, for a clever mix of maneuverability, comfort and power. A pala to do everything (well) that you can get for 189,90 € at French Padel Shop.

Black Crown Piton Attack 15K Power

Advanced level player with a versatile profile looking for a model that will allow you to put more speed into your shots, here is the Black Crown Piton Attack 15K Power. Made with a soft foam and a mixture of fiberglass and carbon on the faces, this teardrop-shaped pala will offer you ball release and comfort. This racket with an offensive design can be found at the price of € 250 at Snowshoeing Padel.

Head Delta Pro 2022

Used by number 1 Arturo Coello this season, the Delta Pro is a pala which, like its ambassador, does not lack power. Thanks in particular to its diamond shape, its Power Foam and its carbon faces, this racket designed for the most offensive players will maximize all your attacking shots. A pala not to be put in everyone's hands, but which will certainly delight the big arms. You will find it at €169,90 at Total Padel.

Babolat Air veron

Babolat AIR Veron 2023

We end with a pala that has delighted more than one this season: the Babolat Air Veron 2023. Made in the same mold as its big sister the Viper, this racket is just as maneuverable and incisive but it is distinguished by the presence of fiberglass on its faces. On the program a little less raw power and precision, but more comfort and ball release. If you are an offensive player looking for a reference that is easy to grip and has a soft touch, this is a racket made for you. You there find at Padel Reference at €139,90

Bullpadel 03 Hack

Signature pala of the essential Paquito Navarro in 2023, the Hack 03 is a very powerful diamond-shaped racket, but which does not lack control. They are designed for professional or advanced level players with an offensive style of play, and who want to benefit from the latest innovations on the market such as Tricarbon faces, MultiEva foam or the standard Hesacore grip. A little gem that you will find at €179,80 at Extreme Padel.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 Comfort


Used this season by the Argentinian Martin Di Nenno, the Bullpadel Vertex 03 Comfort focuses on comfort, as the name suggests. It differs from the Vertex 03 by the use on its faces of a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass called Fibrix, which gives it increased flexibility. This particularity, coupled with its diamond shape, makes it ideal for offensive players who wish to benefit from a softer touch and superior ball release. You will find it at the price of 120,00 € at Decathlon

Babolat Technical Viper Juan LeBron 24

Do you want to mark the occasion and give an exceptional gift or treat yourself because you think you have been very good this year? Here's what you need: Juan LeBron's brand new racket. Used by “El Lobo”, this Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron 24 is a very powerful and precise diamond-shaped pala, which will appeal to pure attackers thanks in particular to its 12K carbon on the faces. It is available at € 379,90 at Esprit Padel Shop.

Pack Head Alpha Elite

Are you looking to please a player? padel in improvement? Here is a pack that will guarantee you not to go wrong. The Alpha Elite, a pala recognized for its comfort, versatility and tolerance, is presented in a pack with paletero, box of balls and overgrips. The complete kit for the gamer padel which you will find at € 139,90 at Padel XP.

Babolat Technical Veron 23

Babolat Technical Veron 2023

La Babolat Technical Veron was designed for offensive players who like powerful palas but don't want to compromise on comfort. Indeed, thanks to the presence of Carbon Flex on the faces, a material which combines carbon and fiberglass, it will offer you more flexibility, for greater comfort and ball release. If you are looking for what the brand calls “dynamic power”, then this pala should please you! It is available at 139,90 € at French Padel Shop.

Head RadicalMotion

The news has just come out Head Radical Motion is already turning heads. With its flamboyant red color, this versatile pala focused on control is designed for players looking for maneuverability and comfort. Light and tolerant, it will be particularly appreciated by those who like to benefit from a soft touch and want to maximize vibration absorption. It will be suitable in particular for anyone who wants to protect their joints. You will find it at € 215,90 at Snowshoeing Padel.

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