Except earthquake, tennis clubs, padel and beach tennis outdoors can be reassured: the November 28, they will be able to welcome practitioners again in accordance with the rules established by the government.

Many clubs have already made arrangements to communicate about their reopening to the delight of the players.

However, some players and clubs continue to doubt and believe that we must remain cautious on the successive announcements of the President of the French Tennis Federation, Bernard Giudicelli and the press release of the French Tennis Federation.

Doubts that amaze the President of the FFT: “Where is the blur?”In response to a user on social networks.

Why this doubt? We will try to take all the elements.

Play again at padel, tennis, beach from November 28: OK!

After the intervention of the President of the Republic last Tuesday then that of the Prime Minister this Thursday, we learned that tennis was officially a sport that could resume next Saturday, but that he had to respect the rules of 3h and 20km from his home.

On the other hand, doubts remained about the possibility of playing doubles tennis, and especially of playing tennis. padel and beach tennis outdoors.

The good news came directly from the President of the FFT via his facebook account:

Since the beginning of this crisis, at your service, I tirelessly carry the message of the health guarantees that our clubs offer to the practice of tennis, Padel and the Beach on outdoor or indoor courts for adults or minors.

Thank the Government for hearing this message.

From Saturday, under the conditions defined by the Prime Minister and by the protective health protocol that we submitted to the Ministry of Sports, your young and adult members will be able to find their way back to the club to play outdoor tennis, padel and at the Beach. Our DE teachers, hard hit, will finally be able to resume their driving role in our associative and sporting life. I am happy for them and them.

The FFT will publish the protocol on the FFT.FR website

Consequently, it is easy to understand that the reopening will be done for all these sports individually or in doubles.

But in addition that this announcement is aimed at both adults and young people.

In addition, the President of the FFT reiterates it:

Resumption of activities on courts and open-air grounds (outdoor courts and grounds and sub-yards), for minors and adults (single, double, individual lessons, group lessons, tennis school).

By concluding on:

Where is the blur? 

There is therefore no doubt: tennis and sports associated with the FFT will resume for young people and adults in both singles and doubles from November 28.

Resumption of group lessons, tennis schools?

Unless the President of the FFT makes a mistake that cannot be imagined: YES, clubs will be able to offer individual and group lessons. 

Resumption of activities (…) for minors and adults (single, double, individual lessons, group lessons, tennis school).

The health protocol, which we are waiting for, should specify how these courses will be organized and the limit of group courses

The tennis schools will also be able to resume. So we imagine that the schools of padel also. But here too, the health protocol will explain the modalities.

Our DE teachers, hard hit, will finally be able to resume their driving role in our associative and sporting life. I am happy for them and them.

Reopening of semi-indoor fields or with courtyards?

There too, even if the government remained vague on this subject, the President of the FFT allowed us to know more about the possibility of playing tennis, padel or semi-indoor beach tennis.

Indeed, we will have a “resumption of activities on courts and open-air fields (courts and outdoor fields and under courtyards). "

Therefore, the many clubs of padel who own land of padel semi-indoor can open it to practitioners.

The indoor tennis and padel ?

It is no mystery to anyone and the whole community expected it: the indoor structures will have to remain closed. For indoor clubs, it is necessarily very difficult to collect since we will still have to wait.

A priori, indoor clubs should reopen next January. But until then, things may change.

Faced with the disappointment of some people and indoor clubs, Bernard Giudicelli replied:

I understand and share the disappointment of those who live in harsher climates, but I hope they will understand that we could not turn down the opportunity to resume outdoors with all this weather. I assure them of my determination to get the current covered recovery as quickly as possible. 

Resumption of tournaments padel ?

The resumption of tournaments padel is not at all planned at the moment. The government has made it clear that the health crisis is still relevant. And that we must therefore remain very careful.

Here too, the President of the FFT returned to the possibility of seeing the tournaments resume:

Not yet, first, we must reopen the clubs.  

A logical answer, especially when we know that it was not at all obvious to see this success of the FFT concerning the reopening of tennis clubs, padel and beach tennis.

The FFT formalizes the resumption of tennis and its associated sports

On its website, the French Tennis Federation is very clear:

The FFT welcomes the Prime Minister's announcements allowing a resumption of tennis and associated disciplines outdoors, as part of an appropriate health protocol, from this Saturday November 28 for minors but also for adults, within a radius of 20 km and within the allotted time of 3 hours.

Therefore, sports structures that offer outdoor tennis activities, padel and beach tennis can open their doors to practitioners within the limit of the radius of 20 km and the allotted time of 3 hours.

After these comments, we should all be reassured about the resumption of the sports represented by the FFT.

Moreover, Bernard Giudicelli explains his satisfaction:

For a week, with the whole Federation, I have been fighting for our sport, our clubs and their teachers and I wanted to share this announcement with all those who were waiting for it. I'm happy for those who are. Let's be sport!

Should we therefore doubt the words of the FFT and the words of its President? The future will speak no matter what happens very quickly.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.