The development of Padel is global, it does not stop at South America and Europe. Indeed, Asian countries are also fervent followers of Padel and therefore in 2013, was created the “Japan Padel Association (JPA) ”.

The JPA is the institution that reigns over the Padel in Japan, based in Tokyo, both in terms of management and development in the territory. The JPA is the preferred interlocutor of Padel in Japan thanks to its President: Koji Nakatsuka who is a lover of Padel and he wishes to demonstrate the performance of the JPA on the Asian world to be a model for his neighbors.

The development of Padel is important today with 8 sports centers hosting Padel in Japan ! Which is a lot considering the inability to have more buildable space in these islands.

Many players in Padel Europeans and South Americans invest in tournaments in Japan in particular. Indeed, the Setteo application regularly organizes events to promote the development of this sport in this part of the world. Mundo Padel also works on the Padel Asian where Argentinian television interviews actors from Padel Asian to give credibility to Padel Asian.

Le Padel is doomed to democratize widely, whether in Europe, South America and Asia. This sport is the perfect compromise between competition and leisure, each player can find something for him. The Asian market is a major stake for world sport is therefore the Padel no exception.

We will certainly see in a few years (and maybe before!) Stages of exhibitions of the World Padel Tour.

Alexis Dutour - Padel Magazine

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