As we told you this morning, the new FIP ranking taking into account the results of the Qatar Major has been released. And on the French side, we notice that we could soon have five players in the Top 100 among the Women.

Indeed, Jessica Ginier, who is taking full advantage of her association with Alix Collombon in Doha and the first round against a wild-card, gains 20 places and becomes the third tricolor in the FIP ranking behind her teammate in Qatar of course, and Léa Godallier. The Lyonnaise who has decided to focus heavily on international tournaments this year is now 110th, just ahead of her usual partner Carla Touly, who loses 5 places and finds herself 112th. Elodie Invernon is in 114th position after entering the main draw of the Qatar Major!

We notice that there is still a certain gap between 101st and 103rd place (40 points), so these three players will have to perform well if they want to enter this famous Top 100.

At the garçons, it's more difficult since Thomas Leygue, the first active Frenchman (Benjamin Tison is still 92nd but he no longer participates in tournaments) is now 99th and therefore finds himself only five points away from leaving the Top 100... Behind, the players are progressing in the majority but remain quite far in terms of points. Could we soon find ourselves with no French players among the 100 best?

The complete rankings



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