Le Toulouse Padel ahead Club organizes a women's P1000 and a men's P1000 on the same weekend of February 5th and 6th.
This is the first time that the Toulouse club has offered a double P1000, which is moreover with an endowment of €1500 in each category!
The TPC ensures the presence of a chiropractor for the players throughout the competition. All this is made possible by the sponsor of the event, Paradis Rôti by Mathieu Gilles, a well-known caterer from Toulouse and passionate about padel.
TPC P1000 February 2022 men women
A P250 will be organized on Saturday at the same time as the P1000 thanks to the 14 courses of the club.
Finally, an evening will be held at the club on Saturday evening with tapas prepared in the brazier by the Paradis Rôti team.
More information: Registration with the referee bastienvergely@free.fr
Price with the Marriott Courtyard Hotel partner of the TPC

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