It certainly did not escape you, the separation of Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega led to chain reactions, and four pairs registered at P1 in Riyadh will not be present at the Major in Doha. We take stock.

The pairs who separate after Riyadh:

  • Ortega / Triay
  • Osoro / Virseda
  • Fernandez/Rufo
  • Goenaga / Martinez

The new pairs registered in Doha:

  • Triay / Fernandez
  • Ortega / Virseda
  • Goenaga / Osoro
  • Rufo/Martinez

A big winner...

On paper, the big winner of this change is undoubtedly the young Claudia Fernandez. The Spaniard goes from Lorena Rufo, 25th, to Gemma Triay, world number 3! If the 17-year-old athlete has enormous potential, this change seems almost unexpected for her today.

Indeed, the 24th player in ranking will find themselves seeded 3 in Qatar! In addition to that, she will be able to benefit from the incredible experience of Gemma Triay, former number 1 of the WPT. Gemma is a star of our sport and there is no doubt that Fernandez will be able to learn a lot from this exceptionally talented player.

On the other hand, she will also have to bear a certain pressure, since in addition to being part of the elite of the padel world, Gemma is known to be very demanding of her teammates. Indeed, the native of Menorca is capable of getting annoyed quite easily if things don't go her way. If Claudia is indeed the winner of the transfer window on paper, she will have to play at a high level if she wants to avoid a big disappointment.

The great operation of Virseda and Goenaga

Veronica Virseda is also doing very well following these changes. The native of Toledo goes from seed 7 in Riyadh to seed 4 in Doha. A significant change since in Qatar, she will only be able to meet the first three pairs in the last four. When we know that she will also have a former world number 1 at her side, Veronica cannot complain too much about this turnaround!

But as with Fernandez, with this change comes greater responsibilities. Indeed, as the sixth player in the world, Martita will not be content with playing supporting roles or eliminations in the quarter-finals...

New Pareja 2024 Virseda Ortega

Carmen Goenaga is also doing well since she moves from Martinez, 21st, to Osoro, 12th. First, this change allows him to find himself, thanks to Aranzazu's ranking, a few points from the famous Top 8 pairs. Then, she finds in Osoro a player who is both experienced and at the top of her form who could allow her to take a step forward. On a good day, these two talented players should annoy a lot of people...

Several losers?

The first loser is certainly Aranzazu Osoro. Argentina loses the very solid Virseda and immediately leaves the Top 8 pairs. If Goenaga has undeniable potential, she nonetheless remains young and somewhat unpredictable, which will make Argentina lose security.

Lorena Rufo also appears to be quite the loser. Brought to form a future pair with the very promising Fernandez, she finds herself with Lucia Martinez who is returning from injury and who at 33 seems to have limited room for progress. Above all, if Claudia managed to catch Gemma's eye, Lorena did not arouse more interest among the players at the top of the table, with Ortega then Osoro preferring other players.

In this context, we say that Martinez is also a bit of a loser, leaving a coveted Goenaga and finding a Rufo who, despite a certain talent, struggles to attract top players due to her irregularity.

Finally, we wonder if ultimately the real losers are not Gemma and Martita themselves. Those who were a few points from second place will have to fight to stay in the Top 4 pairs. These two very high level players, capable of winning titles together, are plunging a little into the unknown. Triay is banking on a very young player who could have difficulty managing the pressure that her change of status entails, while Ortega finds in Virseda a solid and experienced player but undeniably less talented than her former teammate...

And you, who do you think benefits from all these changes?

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