This Saturday 20 January, the association of the Deaf of Toulouse organizes, in collaboration with Toulouse Padel Club, three tournaments padel !  

On the program: two men's tournaments and a women's tournament. In total, these are 78 players who are expected during this day. Participants come from all over France: Toulouse of course but also Lille, Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Marseille, Montpellier, Monaco…

For men, the first tournament, with players at the P250-P100 level, will see twelve teams compete, while the second, whose level is closer to P25, has 20 pairs, and will be an opportunity for many players to make their first tournament.

The women's tournament will see seven teams compete, including the victorious team from the previous 2023 edition, Laure Arnal / Myriam Cheickh, who will then try to defend their title, facing outsider teams who have progressed since.

The participants :

This Toulouse tournament is the second tournament in a four-stage circuit, the last tournament scheduled for May in Paris will be a Masters which will determine the champions of France!

The tournament of padel deaf are organized in the same way as competitions for able-bodied people, with the difference that deaf players do not hear the sound of the strikes and playing partners naturally do not give each other information on the position of the opposing players. It’s all about sight!

A “Deaf” category could soon see the light of day in the FFT regulations, stay tuned!

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