This weekend took place in the North of France a tournament with a solidarity goal. A great initiative from TSBD Dunkirk Malo, which brought together sport and solidarity under the same roof.

The tournament was a great success. Indeed, it brought together 31 teams over the weekend.

It ends with the victory of Baptiste Delepiere and Bertrand Cappelle against Etienne Brouillard and Nicolas Jumel with the score of 6/1 6/7 6/2.

On the sidelines of its tournament, the TSBD wished to support "la petite Vadrouille". The aim is to help Basile, a 13-year-old boy, to achieve his challenge: “to overcome Wolfram syndrome” by connecting Dunkirk to Manduel in tandem.

La petite Vadrouille TSBD Dunkerque Malo results P250

Go follow Basile's approach on his account Facebook and on the website of The Little Mop.

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