While the “war” between World Padel Tour et Premier Padel is finally finished, a new circuit wants to appear. It's called, as we told you yesterday, Ultimate Padel Tour.

At first glance, the objective of this new “tour” is not to overshadow the Premier Padel, but rather to position itself in a market which has lost numerous professional level events: Spain. In fact, last year thirteen major events were organized on Spanish soil. This year, there will only be four…

There is therefore a place to be taken in this country where many cities benefit from sufficient audiences to organize high-level tournaments. Furthermore, the majority of high-level players are based in Spain, and for those who are not part of the elite, traveling to the four corners of the globe risks being very expensive.

If the FIP already wants propose a solution for these athletes residing in the Iberian Peninsula, the Ultimate Padel Tour offers, as announced by our colleagues at La Viborona, conditions that could appeal to certain players.

As we can see, the circuit will allow players to participate in other stages, and promises to help them pay all the costs surrounding traveling to play tournaments, but also to manage their career. Furthermore, it promises gender parity.

Behind this initiative, we find Alberto Fasja, Hector Sepulveda, Hugo Lopez-Velarde and Yayo Muñoz de Cote, men who have proven themselves far from the racing slopes. padel. They would be supported by renowned companies like Amazon or Netflix and would offer to support future talents in our sport.

Proposals that seem attractive on paper, but will they really convince leading players?

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