The event was held on September 17, as part of theUkraine Tennis Project. In total, 50 tennis players and padel came together to help raise money for Ukraine.

A tournament to raise funds

Last Sunday, on the Imber court in the United Kingdom, OLA Padel & Tennis organized a tournament padel to raise funds for Ukrainian tennis players who have taken refuge in England.

Among them, three Ukrainian refugees, all sharing the dream of becoming professional tennis players, arrived in England following the destruction of their national tennis center and the dangers of living in an attacked country. They were offered shelter and the opportunity to continue their training at the National Tennis Center in Bisham.

A jersey signed by Andy Murray

With joy and enthusiasm, the participants demonstrated how the padel helps break down social or linguistic barriers. The players all contributed generously to the raffle.

Great prizes were given out, including a £50 voucher donated by Ellie Jaffa, founder of Rewound clothing, and an AMC jersey signed by Andy Murray. Tennis lessons and padel were also donated by OLA and Delgado Lee Academy.

Ukraine Tennis Project seeking additional investment

The event, sponsored by Aeon padel, raised £700 for the Ukraine Tennis project. Jack Carpenter, founder of OLA and former professional tennis player, said: “We hope this amount will help pay some of the girls' tennis fees. At OLA, we are passionate about helping young people achieve their dreams and ambitions.”

The Ukraine Tennis Project is seeking further investment to provide more players with the opportunity to live and train in the UK without being disturbed by the day-to-day effects of war.

If you are interested and have the means to help these young talents, contact Jonny Delgado directly at or telephone number 07511 948 296.

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