This is information to be taken with a grain of salt, but according to our colleagues at La Viborona, Ale Galan has reportedly decided to play with Federico Chingotto in 2024.

The 2023 season is coming to an end, and like every year at this time of year, rumors are rife regarding player separations and associations.

Two days ago, we shared the latest with you: the one that sees Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez reform the 2016-2017 pair. To many observers, this may not seem like a good idea. If the two men had performed very well together eight years ago, they had also shown limits in terms of understanding on the track. And with the added weight of years, it's difficult to see them play leading roles together...

Today, it is the Andalusian's current teammate, Fede Chingotto, who is at the heart of the speculation. Some rumors see him with Ale Galan in 2024. If this association seems much more promising than that of the two veterans, it appears a little risky for the Madrilenian. Indeed, in full swing with 4 titles won in the last 6 tournaments alongside Juan LeBron, does Galan really have an interest in changing partners?

After a difficult start to the season, those who were number 1 for three years are finally back at the top. And this with a “Lobo” who is not even 100% yet… But precisely, if Juan has to take a break to heal, Ale will have to find another teammate. At first glance, one might have thought of Jon Sanz, with whom he seems to get along very well, but “Super Raton”, who also trains in Madrid, also seems to be a good option.

For the moment, it's difficult to know more, but if Lebron is back at 100% in 2024, it's hard to imagine Galan letting go of him... Unless the difficult times of 2023 have weakened the understanding between the two players...

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