And if Ultimate tournaments Padel Tour, less raised than this of Premier Padel, were a way for players to gain or regain confidence?

As we saw previously, Javi Leal and José Diestro, disappointing in the Middle East, returned to winning ways in Leganés, as did Lucas Campagnolo and Agustin Gutiérrez more recently. And this afternoon, these pairs were imitated by Victoria Iglesias and Barbara Las Heras, also in the tough in Riyadh and especially Doha.

The Spaniards, who form the second seed in the Madrid suburbs, did not tremble for their entry into the running against Nuria Vivancos and Marta Arellano. The favorites win 2/6 2/6 and qualify for the rest of the events without problem. Tomorrow, it is against Carla Mesa and the veteran Cata Tenorio that Victoria and Barbara will try to build up a little more confidence. But beware Mesa and the retired Tenorio are in good shape, they proved it by creating a little surprise today with a victory against Merino / Saiz after a big fight: 6/0 4/6 7/6.

Follow the rest of the matches in Leganés this Tuesday:

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