A rather rare scene occurred during the confrontation between Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto and Javi Leal and Jose Diestro during the quarter-finals of the Greenweez Paris Major Premier Padel.

The four players exchange a titanic point for the umpteenth time, so far so good. Leal and Diestro seem to have gained the upper hand, Javi attempts the par 3, but it will be recovered following a superb run from Nieto. At this point, still nothing surprising. The problem arises when Coki pretends to return to the field, because the point will continue...

If you still don't understand what happened after watching the video, here is a little update for you on the rules (Source FFT) “The point is lost if one of the two players, their racket, or any object belonging to them touches the net (including the posts), the opponents' court or the grid of the opponent's court), while the ball is in play” . 

In our case, the point will continue and it will even be won by the Sanz/Nieto pair, also synonymous with winning the game. A refereeing error which will not have been noticed by any of the players and coaches present on the track. Coki and Jon, it's okay this time, but we've got our eye on you!