Laura Clergue, Canal+ consultant, had the chance to attend one of the new pair's pre-season training sessions Fede Chingotto / Momo Gonzalez, trained by the legendary coach Gaby Reca in their training center in Madrid. It is one of the favorite pairs of the public due to its strong sympathy and its impressive recovery capacity. A pair that everyone wants to see evolve and why not create a few surprises.

Through this video, we discover the different sectors worked in professional training. The players start with the ranges performed to work on ball control in one-on-one situations. Secondly, they work on the basket with Gaby Reca to practice certain specific shots before moving on to the shot work phase to work on particular game plans. Finally, the second half of training is reserved for points against academy players.

In this video, Fede gives his opinion on this new pair that he particularly appreciates. A pair that can defend just about anything and never loses the net because the speed of movement of both men is so high.

The video will allow you to discover these two players and their coach a little more intimately, to get a first idea of ​​their style of play and finally to benefit from some professional advice. Chingotto and Momo are ready to face the best pairs in the world such as Tapia / Coello or Lebron / Galan in 2024!