We have already talked about it, Miguel Lamperti and the young José Jimenez should play together next season.

For the moment, the two men, who are playing their first tournament together, are doing rather well in Lombardy. Indeed, after coming out of the previas and winning their first round, they will play their second round this Tuesday in Milan.

But between a 45-year-old player and a 19-year-old, there can inevitably be differences in behavior and point of view. And when Jimenez wanted to disrupt his opponents by going to the net before a serve yesterday in the first round, Lamperti didn't really appreciate it.

During the change of sides, the native of Bahia Blanca made it clear to his young teammate that he did not want that on the track: “It’s a lack of respect”, “Besides you could take a bullet in full head”, “Leave it to others”, “It’s stupid, you know who did it and it’s useless”… We can clearly see through these words that Miguel has already taken on the role of “ dad” with Jimenez. The 19-year-old tried to explain, sheepishly, before falling silent a bit like a child who has received punishment.

A small incident which will remain without follow-up and which did not disturb the Spanish-Argentinian pair, victorious without trembling over the Italians Abbate and Cassetta (6/2 7/5).

For those who don't have the reference, when Lamperti says “It's stupid, you know who did it and it's no use”, he's referring to Piñeiro and Yribarren who had a tangle with a Swedish pair in Malmö in a similar situation. The Spanish will certainly appreciate this little tackle from the legendary white-haired player!

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