When for his World Padel Tour Menorca Open, journalist Nacho Palencia told Coello and Tapia that they would finish the season number 1 if Di Nenno and Stupa lost to Lebron and Galan. Coello had a little trouble believing it, and we understand that!

Indeed, as you know, the Superpibes did indeed lose against the players of Jorge Martinez, but they can still finish the season in first place!

For the moment, they are each 1935 points behind Coello and Tapia, and there are 3500 points left to distribute per player (two Open 1000s and the Master Final which gives 1500). It is therefore entirely possible for Stupa and Di Nenno to catch up, but to do so they will have to perform practically flawlessly, and hope for missteps from their opponents. It looks complicated, but not impossible, no offense to Nacho Palencia!

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