Generally, when you are very good at a racquet sport, you do not too bad in all activities involving a racquet.

We notice, for example, that very good tennis players manage very quickly to obtain a very correct level at padel. This is often also the case with table tennis: when you don't come from racquet sports and you face a tennis player in ping-pong, it's often a guaranteed defeat...

But obviously, not all pros excel in disciplines close to theirs. Indeed, as we can see in this video of World Padel Tour, Veronica Virseda, yet a very strong player of padel, as evidenced by his current 17th place in the Race, is not really comfortable with the ping-pong racket... We could see it in Malmö during this very nice little warm-up before the quarter-final between the 'Spanish woman and her partner Claudia Jensen in Josemaria / Sanchez.

On the trail of padel, the native of Toledo appeared much more at ease, but it was not not enough to beat the world number 1s (defeat 4/6 3/6).

A competitor at heart, Virseda assured that she was going to practice ping-pong before proposing a rematch to Claudia and Ari. Based on the Instagram comments, Paula Josemaria seems to believe it!

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